Monday, February 26, 2007

Coronet Hat

I finished my hat earlier this week. It has gotten a lot of use in the winter weather we have had.

Here are the details:
Coronet hat pattern from by Alexandra Virgiel
Universal Yarns Inc. Deluxe Worsted Tweed 100% Wool
Size 8 needles, my gauge-5spi

I really like this hat. The cabled band makes it look so dressy. Grafting the cable was a little tricky. I need to review how to do the purl stitches I don't think I did all of those right but it looks okay.

I think my band may have been a little smaller than the pattern designer's. I knit the hat to the length she suggested and it seems just a little bit tall. But that leaves me plenty to pull down over my ears when it is cold.

I will definitely use this pattern again. I often make hats for charities. I think this will be a good one for that too. There is just something special about it.

Denise--more details at Denise's Needleworks