Thursday, December 14, 2006

My first cabling...I'm cookoo for cabling!

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting on
Fall Cable KAL 2006, even though it is almost not fall anymore and almost not 2006 anymore either. I just got on to cabling about a month ago and already I have been/am cabling like crazy. My first attempt was on the Irish Hiking Scarf which was going along okay until my new kitten, Revan decided it was a toy and basically pulled it off my needles and had it frogged all over the living room in no time. But judging from the picture below I should have seen it coming shouldn't I have?

In Progress: Irish Hiking Scarf

My next attempt (which I am still working on) was the same Irish Hiking Scarf pattern except this time with Iceland Madil superwash wool that my friend's brought me back from Italy last year. It was such wonderful yarn I waited until I found the perfect pattern for it and it turned out to be the IHS. So, I got it on sticks and was knitting like mad and after 2 days I managed to get to the half way point and ran out of yarn (which I knew was going to happen but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway).

Irish Hiking Scarf, Blue Italian Yarn

I searched high and low on the Internet and could not find this same yarn to purchase so I had to move on to another project. But I swore I would continue searching for this yarn even at the risk of the dye lot being dramatically different. And wouldn't you believe it, but a few days later 6 balls became available on eBay in the exact color I was looking for and I was so excited I clicked By It Now! cause there was no way I was going to lose this yarn in some bidding war. Then I get an email after like a week from the lady I was buying from saying that he electricity had been out for 11 days and she had only a little bit to check her eBay account that day to see what was purchased and she would get it out in the mail as soon as the snow was cleared on the streets for her to drive into town. I swear I thought the whole world was against me at that point. But some folks at work got to see my IHS and thought it was great (which made me so excited I nearly wet myself) and a couple days later one girl asked me to make her a similar scarf for cash. CASH!?! I REALLY wet myself then. So, she picked some colors which were hard to find all in one type/brand of yarn but I managed to get most of what she was looking for and got started, here was the end result.

Tanisha's Scarf
Pay no attention to the double chin, it is the scarf I'm showing off here. =P

I finally got 4 balls of the Iceland Madil last Friday (12/08). I was nervous about the dye lot but it turned out the be a perfect match so I got back to work on my IHS. I was so happy.

Irish Hiking Scarf, Iceland Madil, Colbalt Blue, 929

Now I have another hiccup to the knitting of my IHS, my co-worker Tanisha's scarf was so beloved by the ladies I work with I got another order, for a similar scarf from my co-worker Whitney. She wants the exact same yarn (which is Lion Brand Jiffy), the exact same colors, and the exact same pattern, and she wants it before she leaves for her holiday vacation. So, I gotta haul ass to get hers done, which means no knitting for me at the moment. Gotta follow the cash right now. =) I got hers on sticks yesterday but I'm not far enough along to take pics yet. I'll do that this weekend maybe. I am just glad to have finally figured out cabling and losing the fear I once had to try some patterns.

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