Sunday, October 01, 2006


Hi everyone,
I was excited when I found this blog, because I love looking at completed projects, and because I have my own never-ending cable project. I've been working on Coronet from knitty for what feels like forever. This was actually my knitting Olympics project...obviously I didn't finish in time. I did finally finish the brim part (the part that has the cable) but I had some weird drama when I tried to graft the ends together. Basically, undoing the graft caused me to drop a stitch on my starting end, and I attempted to tink back and fix it. That was a major disaster, and was told that it would probably be easier to just start over. So, I'm reknitting my brim. I'm determined to finish before it gets cold enough for a hat, and I'd also like to make some fingerless gloves with the same cable around the wrist area. Here's a pic of the brim, before it got all messed up.
This is the part that I'm reknitting, and I'm not as far along as this pic yet. Hopefully soon! I look forward to seeing everyone's projects. I'm off to knit. =)