Thursday, October 12, 2006

Funky knitted dress

That's right. I'm knitting a dress. See? Here's the completed back (with a blurry picture of the pattern from the first issue of Knit1. I know a lot of people find this magazine tacky, and I tend to agree, but it does have its moments).

The panels are as follows:
1) Tan bottom= 1x1 rib
2) dark green=seed stitch
3) pink=reverse stockinette
4) camel=2x2 rib
5) denim=12 stitch cable
6) white=1x1 rib

I swear I am still knitting my Mariah. I will finish her in time to wear before winter ends. But I started this dress and it has been so much fun because of the color/texture changes. I don't know if this dress will fit me, or if I could wear it in public, but boy it's been fun. And it will definitely be finished soon. Who knows, I might just love it.