Wednesday, October 11, 2006

2 finished cable sweaters to post!

Hi all! Signing in to say I have 2 finished cable sweaters to post.

They are both the Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky from the 2006 Fall Knitscene. The red one is for me and the oatmeal one is for my sister:

I love these projects and the cables went so easy! They were knitted using Tahki Donegal Tweed. I have to confess and say that I actually knitted these for the CPH KAL and also claimed credit on the Tweeding Along KAL too for these sweaters. They were so much work that I can post them to more than one KAL, can't I? I'm still working on my cable sweater from hell for the Fall Cable KAL but I'm so happy to be done with these that I'm posting everywhere! Tiennie

I've been getting questions on how I did the toggles so I'll just post it here. Hope these directions make sense. First, I did the left front ribbing and binded off, and attached the toggle buttons evenly to the front. I put the buttons on before I did the right front ribbing so that I would know where to place the loops for the toggles. Then I did the right front ribbing. When I got to the bind off row - I started from the bottom and binded off towards the top of the cardigan. That way, I started off making a loop right away for the toggle at the bottom of the sweater. I knit 2 sts, placed those 2 sts back on the left needle, knit those 2 sts again and repeated (about 11 times), I then had an i-cord of sorts, I bound off one of the stitch and continued binding off, up the ribbing, until I got to the next place where there should be a loop, and knit 2 sts again and repeated the process. After the last loop, it was easy sailing up the rest of the binding off! Let me know if this helps!