Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cabled Blanket

Finally Finished

It took forever but the cabled blanket is finally finished.

It is roughly 70 X 50 inches. Due to computer problems, these are not going to be the greatest photos.

The recipient, my husband, has not yet gotten home so he doesn't realize it is complete. He did, however, see it last night waiting to have the ends woven.

Due to the size of the blanket, I had to remove all pillows from the bed to even attempt a photograph. The blanket is just slightly smaller than a queen-sized mattress. Since the yarn is a cotton blend, and the blanket is large, the weight of it may cause the blanket to "grow" a little over time.

It will probably be a very long time before I knit a cabled blanket of this size in worsted weight yarn.