Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rohan Cardigan

Well, I'm slowly slogging away at my green cardigan. I've finished the back, fronts, one sleeve, and am 95% done on the last sleeve. Once that sleeve is done I get to do the fun part of sewing it all up and knitting the collar.

At first, I didn't care for the arrangement of cables I chose, but it's starting to really grow on me. I think I might name it my "Rohan Cardigan".

Now, I realize that's a bit gradiose for a simple cardigan, but as it's my first cable design, I figured it merited some sort of majestic name! (For those poor, uninitiated readers, "Rohan" is a place in The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.)

If you've seen the Lord of the Rings movies directed by Peter Jackson, you might have noticed the Celtic/Saxon influences in his depiction of the Riders of Rohan. I thought my cables are vaguely reminiscent of the design motif of Rohan.

All this to say that I figured if I named my sweater after something I really like, perhaps that'll give me the urge to actually finish it, so I can wear it! (Perhaps I should rename my kitchen, "The Palace of Galadriel"; maybe then I'll have an easier time keeping it clean!)

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