Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A new cable...basic but I like it.

I have started another cabled scarf while I am wait for some Knit Picks Swish Super-wash yarn to arrive so I can start on my best friend's IHS. I had been looking for a nice variegated yarn but couldn't really find anything I liked that was in my budget. Damn Karaoke SOYSILK for being so pretty but so expensive.

Anywho, so this current scarf I am knitting is for no one in particular. It is just part of my own personal version of the knitting from my own stash 2007. I decided that there is no way I can adhere to no buying any yarn through out the 9 months, and I don't buy sock yarn so it doesn't help me. But I have promised myself that I would continually have something on sticks that is from my stash of yarn. Even if I am working on a project I bought yarn especially. So for now this little guy is it.

Purple UFO

The yarn was also brought back from Greece by my friend's Johnnie and Jon when I house sat for them. (My Iceland Madil IHS was brought back from Italy.) I have tried a couple things on it but since it is sort of cord like, nothing I have done so far looked good. But I think this little pattern I created (variation on the basic cable theme, if you're nasty) is alright. I wanted to test out to see if garter stitches rather than reverse stocknette would feel stronger, and it does. Then I did the right cable c6f and the left cable c6b to create a more interesting visual. I have never blocked anything before but I fear I will have to for this scarf cause of the bunching at the cast on, but other than that I like how it is turning out.I posted a little bit more on my blog but before I go, check out how cute my kitten Revan is, bogarting into my in progress picture.

Revan and the purple UFO