Friday, January 05, 2007

Irish Hiking Scarves (finally)!

Here are my two irish hiking scarves - both finally finished! The white one that I'm wearing was knit with Paton's 100% merino wool in colorway "aran." There are a few mistakes in it...including the super-tight cables in the beginning while I was purling backwards. Oops! I loved knitting it, though, and started up another one while I was only halfway through the first. The brown striped one is Wool-Ease, as I was thinking of giving it to a young relative for Christmas and I thought a washable yarn would be better. I did not find wool-ease as fun to knit with as the Paton's wool. The white scarf is about 65 inches long, but now I wish it were a bit longer. The brown one is only about 50 inches - I only had two skeins of yarn that I was trying to use up. So exciting to finally finish something wearable! Of course, it's chilly here today - but by Monday we'll be into the 70's again!