Sunday, December 10, 2006

Frogging and Mossy-ness

I've recently started trying to design sweaters for my family, and I'm having mixed results. The first sweater I'm working on is for my little baby girl. I'm using some recycled yarn I had in my stash.

I must say, those cables are the hardest things I've ever knitted. This stupid design of mine has an eighteen-row repeat, with cables being done from the front as well as the back of the sweater.

The second sweater I'm trying to design is for myself, and it will be a cardigan. The cables are much easier on this one, but I've had to do my fair share of frogging. The good thing about interesting cables is that it keeps you interested. The bad thing is that if you lose concentration, you end up spending lots of time frogging.

I had to tweak the colors of the photo a bit, because my camera doesn't like green, for some reason. Just take my word for it; the yarn is a lovely shade of Christmas tree green, with hints of blue in it. All this green-ness and frogging is making me feel rather, "mossy". Perhaps I should take a break from knitting. I'm starting to crave a nice, quiet swamp where I can knit without distractions . . . .

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