Thursday, December 14, 2006

Death to those that don't have the backbone to tell the truth!

Only minutes after I finished my morning blogs both here and on my blog Knitting with a Vengeance my "client" tells me that she was sending back the scarf I made for her...

Tanisha's Scarf

Even though I sent her pictures updating her on my progress, AND even physically showed it to her last Friday at our department meeting...
-- draped it over her --
-- asked her if it was okay --
to which she responded...
"I don't know anything about scarves."
(which at the time didn't mean anything to me but now says volumes).

She told me first that it wasn't thick enough, and that she had planned to send it to a friend but now would have to buy a "real" scarf from the store to send to the friend. (Ouch, that wasn't insensitive or anything.) And then she said she'd pay me tomorrow for it (I gave it to her yesterday and she was going to pay me for it on pay day, Friday). Then not a minute later, she comes back and says, "Actually, I'm just going to send the scarf back to you cause all my money, debit & credit cards, and check book were stolen yesterday." Now I don't want to be insensitive to that situation cause I have had all my stuff stolen before and I know it is a terrible experience. BUT if you DID have all your money stolen, wouldn't you have mentioned it in the first conversation instead of saying "I'll give you the money tomorrow"? So, it leads me to believe that she hated it, and didn't have the balls to tell me so she made up the fact that she got her stuff stolen. I mean I am being totally irrational thinking that?

I am just upset that my first experience with selling a scarf was ruined. Talk about a sour taste in the mouth. She actually approached me because she saw a scarf I made for another co-worker as a gift and wanted one for herself. And then she picked those colors which I have to admit I don't really like but after I was knitting it for awhile it kind of see they at least complimented each other. So, I am just really confused as to how it went down like this. But luckily, the other co-worker Whitney, that wanted me to make a duplicate scarf for her is going to buy this one. So, I am not out of money for the yarn and I can go back to my beloved blue IHS that I posted about earlier.

Am I wrong to feel upset about the matter? Even though someone else is kind enough to buy it from me anyway?