Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I have been baaaad...

My wonderful husband has been at a conference all day, I should have been putting up the tree and wrapping gifts. However, I noticed a had a bag of DB longing to be used, I actually had it bagged to sell on EBAY. It happened to be the same yarn as the designer used for FETCHING. So I worked some on the sweater, and made the left glove. When hubby brings camera back I will post pics. I guess I will also have at least one entry for the small items. I also came across my much neglected ZARA cabled pullover and scarf. Not an entry as it was started some time ago, dear husband actually purchased the yarn for my birthday when I moaned at the price. Will post pics of the WIP as well. I am typing wearing the left fetching...very very waarm. I work graveyard shift in a hospital, emergency work, not nursing though, and frequently find my hands aching with the cold. I am thinking I may have to tuck the FETCHING into my lab coat pocket. I definitely have to make a pair or 4 as Christmas gifts as well. BTW, we will put the trr up together tomorrow :) It is wonderful to be married to your best friend who understands completely the need for creativity.
I am back. My dear youngest son(future photog 17 this Sun) offered his camera and I have pics to post. The rust cabled piece is ZARA, wonderful yarn, the lone glove is DB Cashmerino Aran, the other is the progress made yesterday on husband's sweater.