Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fingerless Mittens

I just learned to cable without a cable needle thanks to Grumperina. I now am having a great time making fingerless mittens from the current Interweave knits Holiday Issue. Here is pair #1, made with Koigu Kersti - I loved this yarn!

The second pair is acrylic - my good friend Lisa is allergic to wool! How sad. They are much thicker, and I changed the cables a little bit from the pattern.

More of my finished objects can be seen on my blog, www.yarnpaperscissors.blogspot.com.

I am now moving on. I'm making a cabled hat, making up the pattern as I go along, and so far so good. I am anxious to tackle something more complicated, but have a long list of Christmas presents that haven't been started. I have a bad habit of abandoning the queue in favor of whatever whim hits, I have no self control!