Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fall Cables Cardigan

Hi all! I just joined this KAL! I love all of your beautiful cable projects!

I am currently working on the Woman's Cardigan from Knit Simple Fall 06 magazine. Such an unimaginative name! So, I have dubbed it my Fall Cables Cardigan. I am using an acrylic yarn for easy washing in a color called Persimmon. It is a very different color for me and I am excited to be able to wear it.

This one has been going slowly because I have been working on other projects too. I have the back knit to about 9 inches now. These cables are 8 stitches wide and 8 rows tall, pretty easy to do.

The first sleeve is waiting until I know how the armhole will fit on me. I have long arms and really want the sleeves to be long enough to fit well. The cables on the sleeve are only 7 rows tall. Oops, I was kntting it in the round so I was always on the right side and didn't know I was counting wrong until I started the back. I don't think anyone will notice though.

I love doing cables! My mind has been full of ideas for the next cable project.