Monday, October 23, 2006

Whew, you fall cablers are prolific posters! I can't even keep up with this blog in my Bloglines. All I can do is scan the posts (and I see a few friends; hi Paula, hi Siow Chin!). I guess that's okay, though--I have been knitting! I have only 16 more rows to go on the sleeves for my son's Bookworm sweater. Here's the latest progress view...

I love this pattern, and actually have plans to make many more of the patterns from this book. Okay, maybe all of them, if my children will stay small long enough! I'm using some stash Cotton Ease for this particular sweater, and it's working out to be a soft and drapey fabric. We live in South Carolina where it doesn't get especially cold, even in the dead of winter, so a cotton sweater will be perfect for my son.

Now, I'm off to finish this thing. Have fun cabling!