Tuesday, October 10, 2006

hello fellow cablers :)

hello everyone! :)
I just joined about a couple hours ago. I was trying hard to resist! I discovered this kal probably sometime last week. I thought I'd just bookmark the link so I could admire from afar all the cable projects people had going on. Seeing all the gorgeous finished cable projects plus all the future gorgeous finished cable projects were starting to make me weak. I decided to give in today. So here I am, finally. :) I am relatively new to cabling. I began my cabling career this past summer with a pair of fetching. From there I moved on to the infamous IHS and joined both the kals for it! Then I made a pair of Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers I have been dying to start on the
cherry garcia at helloyarn, but didn't want to buy anymore yarn and then it hit me that I could use some yarn that I have now (but didn't have before!) but I don't have the right circulars!!!! Mine are way too long so I frogged it and I will just have to wait on getting the correct length of circulars. I just finished a second pair of fetching for my fiance. You can see the finished pair by clicking here. Right now, on the needles I have a cabled wrap for me and a besotted for my fiance. He picked out that yarn and it bugs me that you can't see the x's and o's in it. Next cabled project will be a pair of these for my sister and possibly a pair for myself depending on how these turn out! Ohh, and then there's the ivy featured in this fall's knitty that I've been waiting to start on because I am not in the position to purchase all the yarn necessary for the ivy just yet but I do love it so!
I've been sitting here for over an hour trying to get all my links in this blog to work but for some reason all the patterns I've mentioned wouldn't directly link so I do apologize if you're wanting to see the pattern for something I've mentioned here and it doesn't work. The links that are in this blog are the only ones I could get to work.