Friday, October 13, 2006

FO - Shedir

So I finished Shedir earlier today.


yarn - Kraemer Yarn Summit Hill, greenstone
needles - US 5 Boye circular (from my hated interchangeable set), US 5 Clover bamboo for the top

modifications - other than the yarn and needle size, a lot... skipped three of the founds of ribbing on the bottom, skipped a full cable repeat, and at the top where there are two rows of pattern repeats between the decrease rounds I skipped the second straight pattern repeat round on each section.

I have a bit of a problem related to it in that it came out way too long, though, so I posted about it on livejournal, and am hoping my idea for a fix will work. Because as much as I love this pattern and how it turned out, I really don't want to knit it again anytime soon.

Next cable project... Rogue!