Saturday, September 30, 2006

Update on the BPT in progress

I'm halfway through the body of the BPT sweater. The pattern is for a top down cardigan - my favourite way of knitting a sweater. When you're done, you're really done. No sewing the pieces together. I'm finding this sweater is a very good traveling project at this stage. The cables are very straightforward and I don't need to drag a chart around with me. I think when I get to the sleeves, it will be a bit awkward knitting on transit.

Edited to answer Tiennie's can lengthen the body. There's a bit of waist shaping about 5" down from the armhole. You can determine if you want the length before your waist or below, depending on where you need the length. The shaping is done on either side of the underarm cables so you don't have to rework your cables to fit. I'm knitting mine without the shaping because it will fit my shape better. :)