Friday, September 29, 2006

New Cable Subscription

I was hoping to be motivated enough to finish the Rowan Soul tube top that I started during the summer, but the Siren's song of a new project has lured me away. I thought I didn't have yarn for this project, but realized that some Knitpicks Mainline that I bought on sale would give me the yardage I need and and price I can afford [since the GGh Cashmere yarn is $20 a ball and the pattern would require 20 balls]. The color I'm using is Red Velvet Cake [mmmm!!!], a lovely red tone. I'm very excited. The color and the pattern! I can't wait to get to the cabled part of our program. This ribbing is really boring me, but I only have a few more inches which should be done in no time.

Here's a peek at the ribbing...just a few more centimeters to go!!!