Thursday, September 21, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf....maybe

Well, I thought the irish hiking scarf would be a good place to start cabling. Unlike many of you, I haven't been knitting for very long or very consistently. So, this is my first cabling project! And I really do like the look of this one (but seeing besotted - wow, that looks like so much fun!). So, last night (around midnight) I thought I'd cast on and at least get to the first cable row before falling asleep. Success! Then, at 5 am, I was rose to the sound of something being dragged across the floor...apparently my knitting, sans skein! My cat had chewed through the yarn (and my bamboo knitting needles now have lovely chew marks). For an entire month, no interest in the yarn...I should've known! I have four cats, too, but the cat who did this...she's quite the little demon - and of course, I love her.. So, this is what it looks like currently (note cat nose in right lower corner! not the little demon kitty). How am I doing?