Monday, September 18, 2006


HI guys,
My name is Moni and I blog over at Blacksheep. I am getting really stressed about my gift knitting so I decided that my project for this will be a gift for my mom. Plus, she will never be the wiser since she probably will never visit this blog! Anyway I plan to make her the Rib and Cable sock pattern from IK Fall 2005 (pattern from Nancy Bush. Probably use one of the millions of hanks of sock yarn that is sitting in my stash.

I was originally going to make Boogie because I'm really into vests right now. I may still do that one. We'll see. But in going through my back issues of IK I was reintroduced to Veste Evereste also from Fall 2005 and remembered that I really want to make that one, too.